Voice Lessons in New York City

The Vocal Technique of Great Singers 

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Welcome to the Shigo Voice Studio

Private voice lessons in New York City offered by DANIEL SHIGO on Manhattan's Upper West Side, beginning to advanced, in a welcoming and structured learning environment.

Classical & Musical Theatre

The Shigo Voice Studio integrates the principles of the old Italian school of singing, scientific understanding of vocal function, and the healing power of music in a supportive environment.

Daniel’s teaching is a wonderful marriage of science and art. Who could ask for anything more?
— Josephine Mongiardo
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Transform Your Voice

The Shigo Voice Studio is founded on direct knowledge and deep study of the teachings of Margaret Harshaw, Anna Schoen-René, Pauline Viardot-García, Manuel García, and Francesco Lamperti.

This legendary bel canto lineage, which encompasses the scientific school of García and the empirical school of Lamperti, is illuminated by Daniel Shigo through the revolutionary perspective of Alfred Tomatis, the Einstein of the Ear who explored the relationship between the ear, body, mind, and voice. The nexus between the preeminence of the ear and perennial vocal wisdom is represented in the studio's logo by a Fibonacci Spiral.

The Technique

The García-Lamperti technique has been adopted by artists of many genres. From the whispered intimacy of the cabaret singer to the steel-on-velvet gleam of the Wagnerian soprano, benefits include: acquisition of breath control, equalization of registers, beauty of tone, clarity of diction, accuracy of pitch, expansion of range to two octaves and beyond, determination of vocal category, absolute security, and the ability to sing with great ease—removing all strain from the throat while greatly expanding resonance and projection.

Daniel Shigo is pure genius. Within a few months of lessons, I had techniques that would last a lifetime.
— Larry Stephen Hines, baritone
Daniel is an extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and kind teacher.
— Laura Kate Marshall