Hidden in Plain Sight: The Hermann Klein Phono-Vocal Method Based upon the Famous School of Manuel García

HERMANN KLEIN was an Englishman and student of legendary voice teacher Manuel García, and brought his master's method to America in 1901. While teaching in New York City, Klein wrote a remarkable 84-page singing manual for each voice type using the new technology of the gramophone. In a well-documented introduction, DANIEL SHIGO recounts how Klein's manual was rediscovered after being lost for more than a century, discusses its importance for modern students and teachers of singing, and addresses the controversial subject of voice placement. 

Republishing Klein's historic manual brought to light a complete set of twenty rare contralto recordings. The vocalist was Klein's student Janet Spencer, who was accompanied by Klein on the piano. The availability of these historic recordings is quite unusual since no recordings are known to have survived other than three soprano discs at Yale University. We owe the existence of the Janet Spencer recordings to the generosity of John Wolfson, a record collector and patron of the arts in New York City. 

You can find the Janet Spencer recordings at Soundcloud and Youtube.

What is said in these pages takes the place of what should proceed from the mouth of the teacher.
— Hermann Klein