Studio Technique

The Shigo Voice Studio technique is a continuum. From the whispered intimacy of the cabaret singer to the steel-on-velvet gleam of the Wagnerian soprano, it promotes a clear, vibrant, free, open and youthful tone that can easily project without amplification—Tony Bennett and Barbara Cook being exemplars.

Students are given transformational tools from the vocal wisdom of Manuel García and Franceso Lamperti; vocal techniques that Daniel Shigo learned in his studies and discovered through extensive research—many only passed from teacher to student. An ardent lover of beautiful singing, Daniel has made it his life’s mission to rediscover the principles of bel canto—the Classical Italian Song-Schools. 

Seeking Solutions

Has your technique stopped working or never worked to begin with? Do you have advanced degrees but know something is wrong and can’t get work? Are you a voice teacher looking for tools that pull everything together? Do you simply want to sing beautifully and with great ease?

Contact the Shigo Voice Studio to schedule lessons, workshops, and masterclasses.

Singing Lessons in NYC

An introductory lesson is recommended where you will receive a thorough consultation, feedback on your present level of skill, and an overview of how to proceed to the next level.

While vocal technique is a key to unlock your voice, it is not an end in itself. Technique must serve you: your voice, your desires, your aspirations.

Voice lessons are about giving you the tools to find your voice and sing easily and beautifully in your chosen genre.

How It Works

Beginners work on building the instrument so that it can be played, while more advanced students work at consolidating, maintaining, and expanding their craft.

Repertoire is explored as technical skill is acquired.

A tailored practicum of exercises is designed for each student that brings out their authentic voice.

When I do what he tells me, it works!
— Jeff Macauley, tenor


Daily practice is necessary to make lasting progress and involves 10-minute practice sessions, with a minimum of two practice sessions for beginners (20 min), and five sessions (50 min) for those on a career path. Daniel will show you what to do and how to do it during these sessions so there is no guess work. The maximum time spent in practice should not exceed 2.5 hours.

Internet Lessons

Daniel offers instruction via FACETIME, SKYPE, and ZOOM. You will need a high speed Internet connection and a high Hz frequency UBS connected microphone—Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, or Samson C01U are good choices. You will also need to carefully consider your light source, which must light your face and body.


Bel Canto & Broadway

Each musical style, be it bel canto or Broadway, uses the vocal instrument in a specific manner, which every singer can learn with time, skill and practice. Whatever the style, the objective is to connect your heart and mind to the music in order to persuasively express the emotions that compel you to sing it. 

My performance has been transformed. It’s the voice that I was looking for.
— Gary Lizardo, tenor

What to Expect

You may schedule a paid introductory lesson before agreeing to on-going lessons after making payment via PayPal or Squareup.

After the introductory lesson, a minimum of four lessons are scheduled and paid in advance. There are no credits, exchanges, or refunds. 

Lessons are scheduled between the hours of 11 AM – 9 PM EST, Monday through Saturday, and are 55 minutes in length. 

What to Remember

Lessons cancelled within 24 hours are invoiced for the full amount. Please remember that while studying singing may be your hobby, it is my profession.

Late arrivals will receive the remainder of their allotted time. Forgotten lessons cannot be rescheduled.

Lessons will be rescheduled in the event of extreme weather, natural disasters, death of a family member and accidents. 

Singing Class

Designed for a maximum of four students, singing classes give participants the opportunity to develop and master their vocal technique in an observant and supportive environment at an affordable rate.

Singing Classes are offered on a semester basis twice a year.

Contact the Shigo Voice Studio for detailed information.