Jessica Osber Photography

Jessica Osber Photography

All things are possible when you awaken the ear.
— Daniel Shigo

Awakened Ear Workshop 

The larynx only emits the harmonics that the ear can hear.
— Alfred Tomatis

In 1999, Mid-Career at the New York City Opera and curious about addressing minor genetic hearing loss, Daniel Shigo learned of the method of Alfred Tomatis—the Einstein of the Ear—and went to the Listening Centre in Toronto, Canada, where, in biblical fashion, his ears were opened.

His voice changed immediately as did his awareness of his body as an instrument.

His thought process changed too: dots were connected and everything he had been taught and learned about the teachings of Manuel García and Francesco Lamperti became clear, concise, and uncomplicated.

Encompassing nearly twenty years of research and study, Daniel’s application of the principles of the Classical Italian Song-Schools in the studio with Tomatis’ revolutionary perspective has resulted in practical and powerful tools that awaken the ear, fix vocal problems, enable true artistry, develop executive ability, and transform the voice.

The Awakened Ear Workshop is designed for actors, singers, voice teachers, vocal coaches, vocologists, audiologists, speech pathologists, and voice scientists.