College Audition Preparation

Do you have a high school age young person who wants to study singing, perhaps go a music school or conservatory, and have a life in the arts? Do you want your child to be fully prepared in a highly competitive field?

A faculty member for the award winning Young People’s Chorus of New York City, Daniel Shigo specializes in preparing high school age singers for conservatory auditions and college study, both in New York City and via FaceTime and Skype.

Audition preparation involves at least a year of vocal study during the sophomore and senior year of high school, advanced technical training, song selection and coaching, audition preparation, and guidance in choosing an academic institution and vocal instructor.

Why does it take at least a year and not a couple of lessons? Mastering the voice is akin to learning a language, which takes time, study, repetition and immersion. This is especially true for classical singers where the art is formal in nature, exacting and uncompromising—the singer being required to sing beautifully in Italian, French, German, and English.

Voice students entering conservatory today face a vastly different arena than singers from 20-50 years ago. While it was not unusual to spend a period of time mastering the voice before focusing on repertoire (which builds the foundation for later success), students today are thrust into repertoire study immediately with a limited number of voice lessons while juggling competing academic interests in a hothouse environment. Too many vocal students obtain degrees but end up being unable to sing at the level to which they aspire, their goals being unrealized.

Audition preparation and mastery of vocal technique is key to future success and professional advancement.

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about daniel

DANIEL SHIGO has taught elementary music, high school choral music and orchestra; had a long career with the New York City Opera and Metropolitan Opera; appeared on Broadway; and is as an authority on Classical Italian Song-Schools vocal techniques. He gives private vocal instruction to Matisse Fellows at the Young People’s Chorus of New York City while maintaining a highly successful private voice studio on the upper west side of Manhattan near Lincoln Center.